Robert F. Engle
B. S., Williams College, 1964, with Highest Honors in Physics
M. S., Physics, Cornell University, 1966
Ph. D., Economics, Cornell University, 1969
Academic Positions
Visiting Professor, Finance Department, Stern School of Business, New York University, 1999
Professor of Economics, UCSD, 1977-present
Chancellor’s Associates Chair in Economics, UCSD, 1993-present
Chair of Economics, University of California, San Diego, 1990-1994
Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego, 1975-1977
Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974-1977
Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969-1974
Honors and Awards
The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2003 for methods of analyzing economic time series with time-varying volatility (ARCH)
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1995
Econometric Society Council, 1994
The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, Roger F. Murray Prize Competition, 1991
NBER Research Associate, 1987 — Present
Fellow of the Econometric Society, 1981
Excellence in Teaching from MIT Graduate Economics Association, 1974-1975

Invited Lectures

Invited Speaker, Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society, Cancun, 1999
A. W. Phillips Lecture, Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society, Melbourne, 1997
Frank Paish Lecture, Annual Meeting of the Royal Economic Society, Swansea, 1996
Fisher-Schultz Lecture, European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Istanbul, 1996
Presented the Pareto Lecture for the Annual Meeting of ASSET, Istanbul, Turkey, 1995
Invited Speaker, Brazilian Meeting of the Econometric Society, Florianopolis, 1994
Invited Speaker, European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Upsalla, Sweden, 1993
Invited Speaker, Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society, Mexico City, 1992
Invited Speaker, Australiasian Meeting of the Econometric Society, Sydney, 1991
Invited Speaker, Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society, Seoul, 1991
Presented address at European Meeting of Econometrics Society, 1987
Invited Speaker, Fifth World Congress of the Econometric Society, 1985

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Papers in Process
«Testing the Volatility Term Structure Using Option Hedging Criteria» (with Joshua Rosenberg). PDF version

»Measuring, Forecasting and Explaining Time Varying Liquidity in the Stock Market", (with Joe Lange).
Postscript version
PDF version

«Conditional Volatility of Exchange Rates Under a Target Zone," (with Yin-Feng Gau).
Postscript version
PDF version

»Empirical Pricing Kernels," (with Joshua Rosenberg).
PDF version
Microsoft Word 97 Version (most recent version)

«Trade and Quotes: A Bivariate Point Process,» (with Asger Lunde).
PDF version

«The Econometric Analysis of Discrete-Valued Irregularly-Spaced Financial Transactions Data Using a New Autoregressive Conditional Multinomial Model,» (with Jeff Russell).
PDF version

«CAViaR: Conditional Value At Risk By Regression Quantiles,» (with Simone Manganelli).
PDF version

«Macroeconomic Announcements and Volatility of Treasury Futures,» (with Li Li).
PDF version

«Modeling the Impacts of Market Activity on Bid-Ask Spreads in the Option Market,» (with Young-Hye Cho).

«Time-Varying Betas and Asymmetric Effects of News: Empirical Analysis of Blue Chip Stocks," (with Young-Hye Cho).
PDF Version (1.3 megs)

»Stochastic Permanent Breaks in Vector Time Series," (with Aaron Smith).

«Dynamic Conditional Correlation — A Simple Class of Multivariate GARCH Models."
PDF version

»Financial Econometrics — A New Discipline With New Methods,"
PDF version

«Impacts of Trades in an Error-Correction Model of Quote Prices," (with Andrew Patton)
PDF version

»What Good is a Volatility Model?" (with Andrew Patton)
PDF version

«Theoretical and Empirical Properties of Dynamic Conditional Correlation Multivariate GARCH" (with Kevin Sheppard)
PDF version